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Paul Panhuysen: Long String Installations

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Triple LP  2018

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After two LPs in 2014 and 2017, Edition Telemark now turns to the group of works that is probably the most well-known within the vast oeuvre of Dutch sound and visual artist Paul Panhuysen (1934–2015): his long string installations. Using this term, he referred to all of his works involving strings and sounds. They were realized all around the world between 1982 and 2012 – until 1991 mostly together with Johan Goedhart –, each installation made specifically for the site where it was displayed.

Unlike other artists working with long strings around the same time, e.g. Ellen Fullman and Terry Fox, Panhuysen's strings were instruments or performative material only secondarily. Rather, his installations can be considered sculptural and sounding events in space, operating in between two lines of tradition, constructivism and situationism, that are evident also in many other parts of his oeuvre.

"Over 250 long string installations were made since 1982 and have produced a better understanding of what is happening in these works. The first information about what happens around us always depends on the perception and detection of our senses and is afterwards transformed, analyzed and interpreted by the brain. It has been a happy coincidence which has drawn my attention to this opportunity to integrate image and sound in the art of long string installations. [...] In daily life we try to understand what is happening primarily by visual and auditory perception. In art these two senses are mostly kept apart. In the long string installations, eyes and ears are equally important. This improves the understanding of reality and daily life." (from Panhuysen's preface to the book "Long Strings 1982–2011")

The first recordings of Panhuysen's long string installations were published in the 1980s, most famously on a 3-LP box set edited on Apollo Records in 1986.

This new 3-LP set includes solely unreleased recordings made between 1982 and 2012, with one recording added posthumously in 2017. It is presented in a triple gate-fold sleeve with printed inner sleeves containing liner notes by Rolf Sachsse and Stephan Wunderlich as well as various high-resolution photos.

Regular edition of 250. Special edition of 50 in a tote bag including the 3 LPs, the book "Long Strings 1982–2011" (originally published by Het Apollohuis), and 6 postcards.

Side A
1. Pillar Koto Frankfurt 1982
2. Barcarole Middelburg 1983
3. The Pit Cambridge MA 1983
Side B
1. Instrumental Wand Cologne 1985
2. The Third Ceiling Wiesbaden 1985
3. Morguen Koto Antwerp 1987
Side C
1. Two Suspended Grand Pianos Washington DC 1990
Side D
1. 50 Hertz Stolberg 1989
2. Songlines Series San Francisco 1993
Side E
1. The Mechanical Kyoto Koto Orchestra Kyoto 1994
2. Number Made Audible Roskilde 1995
3. Galvano and Stalin New York 1996
4. Twelve Monochords Klenova 2000
5. A Class on Mechanical Gagaku Music and Electronic SoundscapeTokyo 2001
Side F
1. Eender en Anders, Anders en Eender Helmond 2005
2. Ginger Strings Eindhoven 2012
3. Ginger Strings Dordrecht 2017

Regular edition

Special edition