Edition Telemark

Rainer Riehn: Chants de Maldoror
Maciunas Ensemble: 1976

Joe Jones: Solar Music at Sierksdorf, Ostsee

catalog no. 314.08
LP  2015

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Solar Music by Joe Jones, performed and recorded early morning April 1, 1984, on the Baltic Sea beach of Sierksdorf in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. This recording was originally published as a tape by Edition Hundertmark in an edition of 15 copies and later reissued as a CD by ? Records. The original tape edition included seven photo prints and a title page which were missing from the CD and are reproduced here for the first time.

Edition of 200 in gate-fold PVC sleeve. Right-hand side holds the LP, left-hand side holds a plastic bag with seven A5-sized photo prints on thick cardboard and the title page. Remastered sound.

Side A
Solar Music at Sierksdorf, Ostsee (pt. 1)
Side B
Solar Music at Sierksdorf, Ostsee (pt. 2)

Front view